How membership works


Membership is very simple. You pay a one-off annual membership fee and a monthly subscription toward the costs of growing the produce. Based on your contribution, you receive a weekly bag of seasonal veg as your share of the harvest. This is delivered to your local hub (see below) for collection.

Read the ‘Your Veg Share‘ page for an example of what you’ll receive in your bag throughout the seasons and the sizes available. You’ll be eating things like tomatoes, beans and courgettes in the summer, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and kale in the winter and plenty of salads and leafy greens most of the year.

Veg Share Prices
Everyone pays a one-off membership fee of £24, then there are three different sizes of Veg Share available. A small suits a single person, couple or even small family, a medium suits some couples and most families and a large suits a hungry family. It really depends on how much veg you eat. We also offer fortnightly Veg Shares at half the monthly cost.

Small: £34.23 per month – equivalent to £7.90 per week
Medium: £49.83 per month – equivalent to £11.50 per week
Large: £72.58 per month – equivalent to £16.75 per week

Collection Hubs
Wivenhoe – Station Pub car park, West St. (Monday from 5pm)
Colchester – Church Walk off Head St. (Thursday from 5pm)
Lawford – The Apricot Centre, Hungerdown Lane. (Thursday from 5pm)
Brightlingsea – Victoria Place. (Thursday from 5pm)

Helping on the Farm
Member are invited to workdays where the can meet the growers, see how their food is grown and lend a hand. This team effort is especially helpful with big jobs such as potato harvesting and onion planting. There are also less physical ways you can contribute such as helping out at farm socials or promoting the scheme at local events.

Notice to Leave
We ask members for a minimum of 2 months notice to leave the scheme. This gives us time to find a replacement member and therefore maintain a steady income.

We rely on Veg Share members paying a regular share of the costs, so it is not possible to take a holiday from paying when you go on holiday. If you are away we suggest that you offer your Veg Share to friends or just let us know not to harvest for you that week. If you go away a lot then a fortnightly bag would offer you a little more flexabilty.